Stallion Leather Thoroughbred Duty Holster


Stallion Leather's best work. Independant field studies by top trainers show this holster stands above the rest. Uses all top grain leather, available in a black or cordovan colors and in either smooth plain leather, bastketweave, and high-gloss clarino finishes, using heavy duty nylon thread, and the best hardware available. Presure molded and customized to fit the gun for which it was ordered to fit, ensuring a perfect fit. Available for the New Beretta PX4 Storm, Beretta 90-TWO, Smith and Wesson M&P, and Glock as well as many others. Please select the firearm you wish to have the holster custom made for from the drop down list. Patented sight guard ensures smooth draw while protecting sights. Jacketstyle Kydex hanger with rib and tension screws for safe securing to belt allows for jacket to slide between holster and belt for access to firearm while wearing a jacket or coat. Reinforced holster mouth and backside wall allows for smooth re-holstering of the firearm as well as supreme strength and durablity. Full grip clearance at knuckle and web of shooting hand. Also utilizes two tension screws to allow adjustment of tension and firmness of the draw. Fits a 2 1/4" duty belt.

Please allow at least 14 days for delivery as all of Stallion Leather
products are made to order. This translates to lower costs for our customers with no need to pay for inventory overhead and storage and also allows for more options available as each item is somewhat customizable.


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