Star Classic Teardrop Dashlight


This aerodynamic light is ideal for unmarked cars. The reflector rotates at 90 flashes per minute around a halogen bulb. Includes 17 lb magnet, vinyl shield and mounting plate.

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This line of revolving lights comes in a dome shape.

The aerodynamic 1166 Series light is ideal for unmarked cars or volunteers. Ships complete with mounting hardware, cig plug with lighted On/Off switch, and instructions.

  • 12V DC.
  • Economical teardrop shaped rotating light.
  • Popular with volunteer firefighters and unmarked police units.
  • Gear driven rotator.
  • Eye shield and mounting plate.
  • Cigarette plug adapter with cord and magnetic mount for roof or dash.
  • Anodized aluminum clamp ring.
  • Flash rate: 160 fpm (+/- 10).

Additional information

Weight 2.2046 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 in


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