SOG Pentagon OTF – FDE


An OTF auto with exceptional lock-up strength. Designed for professionals, law enforcement and warfighters, its rugged aluminum handle, CYRO S35VN blade and SOG’s Dynamic System guarantee years of hard use. Easy to open with either hand, and American-made, it delivers a rattle-free solution to a problem that’s plagued OTF knives for years.

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The American made Pentagon OTF automatic knife is designed to meet the exacting demands of users who require a dependable one-handed, fast opening switchblade knife. SOG’s Dynamic Lock-up System redefines open reliability and blade lock-up strength in OTF knives, while the CRYO S35VN blade and hard-anodized aluminum handle reinforce the durability of the switchblade. Pentagon OTF delivers reliable OTF technology for professional users who rely on high-end steel and technology.

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