Sabre Red 120 Magnum Pepper Spray 4 oz.


  • Protection at a safe distance against multiple threats
  • Access to information updated weekly to reduce your safety risks
  • In-house lab guarantees heat level of our police strength pepper spray with a 4 year shelf life

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The Sabre Red Magnum 120 personal defense spray is an extremely effective option for law enforcement officers. The oleoresin capsicum formula contains 1.33 percent major capsaicinoids, making it 8 to 86 percent stronger than any other pepper spray available to civilians. It also contains an ultraviolet marker dye to make suspects easier to identify. Sabre’s formulas are independently tested, ensuring that every canister packs the same knockout punch. Its stream dispersal pattern provides a range of up to 12 feet with reduced risk of blowback, and the large canister contains enough spray for around 40 short bursts. Its convenient flip top allows you to deploy the spray rapidly, while effectively preventing accidental discharge.

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