Rothco Mini Army Style Flashlight Red Lenses – 3 Pack


  • Red Lens 3-Pack Is Designed To Replace Broken / Lost Red Lenses From An Army Style Angle Flashlight (Item #325)
  • Red Light Supplies A Light Source Without Giving Away Your Location In The Dark And Preserves Your Vision While Using Night Vision Gear
  • Made Of A Durable Polystyrene Material
  • Diameter For Each Flashlight Lens Measures: 7/8”
  • Ideal For Military And Tactical Personnel
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Rothco’s 3-Pack of red lenses are designed to fit in mini Army style flashlights for a reliable light source while in the field or on a tactical excursion. While traveling in the dark, red light is the ideal choice as it will conceal your position and preserve your vision while using night vision gear. Constructed with a durable polystyrene material, each red lens measures 7/8” in diameter. This three-lens pack is ideal for military and tactical personnel.


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