Insight Technology

Tactical Lights

Insight Technology Incorporated was founded in the 1980s on the belief that a company that develops and produces reliable, high quality products that are attractively priced and delivered on time will gain the repeat business of their customers and be successful. Their mission is to design and produce rugged, high performance systems that provide a decisive tactical advantage to war fighters and law enforcement personnel. In support of its mission, Insight technologies has assembled an engineering team with more than 100 years of combined experience in designing highly effective tactical optical devices for extreme environments. To bring these advanced designs to market affordably, Insight has assembled a state of the art manufacturing facility that exceeds the internationally recognized quality standards of ISO 9001, and staffed it with people that understand what it means to build products for those who go in harms way. As a result of this high level of commitment, Military and law enforcement personnel around the world use Insight technologies dependable, high performance products.

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