Tactical Holsters and Duty Gear

Blackhawk Tactical gear is designed for the preservation of life under the worst of extremes. If a single piece of Blackhawk gear were to fail, a father, a son, a brother, a sister or a friend may not come home. At BlackHawk, this sobering knowledge makes quality a matter of obsession. Each stitch that is sewn, each improved Blackhawk tactical design, each innovation applied advances the cause of mission completion. It is the principle by which Blackhawk is guided. From the former Navy SEAL who owns Blackhawk, to the hundreds of dedicated Blackhawk gear craftsmen meticulously sewing by hand the finest tactical gear money can buy. We are proud to carry the full line of Blackhawk tactical and military gear including packs, belts, pouches, molle gear, holsters, boots, tactical vests and more.

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