Hogue Handall Universal Grip Sleeve – Black


  • Universal Fit
  • Trimmable
  • Made in the USA!

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Hogue HANDALL grip sleeves are scientifically designed with a special contoured shape that hugs the contours of your gun. This exclusive shape gives a secure fit with no loose spots, giving HANDALL the tightest and most secure fit to your gun possible. The special shape is far superior to any simple “tube” sleeve.

Hogue HANDALL features include: proportioned finger grooves, a unique cobblestone texture and ambidextrous PALM SWELLS for the ultimate in a comfortable, non-slip surface. Molded from a modern soft but durable rubber, HANDALL grip sleeves are easy to install with no lubrication required. These comfortable grips are tough and impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms, giving years of dependable service.

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Weight2.2046 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 in

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• Astra: A-100, Constable II*
• Beretta: PX 4 Storm Full, PX4 Storm Inox, PX4 Storm Compact & Subcompact*
• Browning: Buckmark, Challenger II, BDA*
• Colt: Double Eagle
• Daewoo: DP51
• FNH: FiveSeven, FNS-40C*, FNP-9, FNP-40, FNP-45
• GLOCK: 17, 17L, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27*, 28*, 29*, 30*, 31, 32, 33*, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39*, 40, 41
• Heckler & Koch: VP 70-Z, HK 45/Tactical, HK 45 Compact/Tactical, Mark 23, P2000, USP, USP Compact*/Tactical
• Intratec: TECDC9, TEC22
• KBI: BK, Compact GKK-92C
• Kel-Tec: PLR-16, PLR-22, PMR-30, Sub-2000
• Magnum Research: Baby Desert Eagle II Polymer Pistols, Baby Desert Eagle II Steel Pistols, Makarov
• Ruger: P85, P89, P90, P91, P93, P94, P95, P97, P345
• Smith & Wesson: M&P 45, M&P 9C*, M&P 40C*, M&P45C*, Sigma 9mm, Sigma 40, SD9, SD40, SD9 VE, SD40 VE
• Sarsilmaz: 136, ST10, K2-45
• SIG SAUER: P220, P225, P226, Mosquito, P227, MK25, P210, SP 2340*
• Steyr: GB
• Taurus: 24/7(and G2 Variant) Full Size, 24/7 C*, 809C*, 840C*, 809, 840, 845, PT945
• Walther: P38, P88, P1
• Zastava: 99

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