GI Spec General Purpose First Aid


  • Contains: Hand soap, 4 x 4.1 yds. bandage gauze, 2 x 4.1 yds. bandage gauze, 2 elastic bandage, 4 x 4 sterile sponges, eye pad, 3 bandage strips, ice packs, tweezers, scissors, pill bottle, pain reliever/aspirin, first-aid instructions, safety pins, pair latex gloves, first aid cream, triple antibiotic, 1 tape, alcohol wipes, iodine wipes, antiseptic wipes, clean wipes
  • Hard plastic carrying case with handle
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The General Purpose First Aid Kit is a great kit for everyday use. The hard plastic waterproof box makes it a great kit to keep around the house, or in the car. The military issued style makes it a sought after first aid kit.


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