G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil


  • Lubricates Your Firearm’s Moving & Metal Parts Providing Long-Term Protection
  • The Gun Oil Lubricant Provides Easy Clean Up After Firing Gun
  • Meets & Exceeds MIL-PRF -63460e & NATO S-75
  • CLP Gun Lubricant Is 85% Biodegradable Containing No VOC’s
  • Safer For The Environment Than Most Other Additives
  • Bottle Contains 4 Fl Oz Of Oil
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G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil, containing 4 fl oz. per bottle, is the perfect lubricate for the long -term protection of your firearm’s moving and metal parts. The gun oil significantly improves clean up after firing & is Army approved, meeting & exceeding mil-prf-63460e & NATO  s-75 standards. G96 Synthetic Clp  Gun Oil is 85% biodegradable and contains no VOC’s . The unique combination of additives protects and bonds to metal yet it is safer for the environment than most other additives.


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