FIRESTORM JPX 2 Pepper Gun Cartridge


  • 4.76 oz. 2-shot Magazine
  • Minimum / Maximum Range: 5 to 23 ft.
  • Content: 2 charges per cartridge
  • OC Volume: .29 ounce of irritant agent per charge 400,000 SHU

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In the event of multiple attackers, the JPX can be fired further than 23 feet and it will instantly mist multiple assailants all at once making them think twice about attacking. The spray spreads as it goes further, turning it into a cone or fog pattern, forcing attackers to breathe a cloud of pepper spray, stopping them in their tracks. This also works great for dogs and other animal attacks.

In the inactive position, the liquid agent is held in the cartridge by a nozzle seal which breaks once a pre-defined nominal pressure is reached. The trigger pull is smooth with a pronounced release point, and the trigger automatically resets to fire the other charge.


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