Break-Free Lubricant Preservative 16 oz.


  • Contains specially formulated polymerized synthetic oils for improved boundary film strength, plus multiple ingredients to reduce friction, stop build-up of foreign particles and inhibit rust and corrosion
  • Safe for all gunmetal and gunmetal finishes from blued steel to titanium, as well as polymer composite firearms
  • Prevents galling on stainless steel
  • Non-solvent formula minimizes drain-off when firearm is holstered

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Designed for use under long and sustained fire, Break Free LP Lubricant/Preservative is ideal for law enforcement, target shooters and anyone using rapid fire automatic handguns and rifles. Originally developed for fully automatic cannons used by the U.S. military, this proprietary formula ensures consistent cyclic rates are maintained and gun actions operate smoothly, even under adverse conditions and extended firing periods. Break Free LP doesn’t dry out, harden, solidify or attract metal fines and other contaminants.

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