Break-Free Bore Cleaning Foam 3.06 oz.


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The 3.06 oz. (88ml) Break Freeā„¢ Bore Cleaning Foam gently cleans with a chemical reaction that breaks down firing residue and copper fouling with no mechanical friction. The foam quickly and efficiently removes residue. A protective film slows down accumulation of similar residues. It efficiently removes normal combustion waste, eliminating the need for a second cleaner.
  • Gently cleans using a chemical reaction to remove copper and brass compounds with no mechanical friction
  • Quickly removes residue in 15 minutes or less
  • Protects with a film boundary that slows down renewed accumulation of similar residues
  • Thick foam consistency fills and coats the bore, reducing the running found with other cleaning solutions utilizing ammonia based products
  • Efficiently removes normal combustion waste, eliminating the need for a second cleaner
  • Usable in temperatures between -22 degrees F (-30 degrees C) and 122 degrees F (50 degrees C)

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