ASP Paddle Sidebreak Scabbard


  • Ideal for plainclothes carry
  • Fits all Friction Loc batons
  • Fast attachment and removal
  • Expanded baton can be pulled laterally through the SideBreak slot
  • Rotates to 5 different click-stop carrying angles



The SideBreak Scabbard holds an F-Series Baton in either the retracted or expanded mode, ready for rapid presentation, while providing secure retention during dynamic confrontations. The design of the scabbard allows an expanded Friction Loc Baton to be pulled directly through the side of the case, for instant tactical deployment. Like its paddle-style gun holster cousins, this tough polymer baton scabbard is designed to be securely carried over a regular dress belt, and easily attached or removed without having to remove the belt. This makes it a particular favorite among plainclothes investigators and undercover officers. The scabbard can be set up and worn straight or at an angle, on either the strong or reaction side.

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16 Inch, 21 Inch, 26 Inch


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