American Warrior Nylon Dual Taser Cartridge Holder


We carry a large selection of Magazine Holders includint the American Warrior Ballistic Nylon Magazine Holder from Stallion Leather. Please visit our online Public Safety catalog now at

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American Warrior Ballistic Nylon Duty Gear

Dual Taser Cartridge Holder Fit’s Taser Cartridges For Either The X26 or M26 – Slides Onto Up To A 2 1/4″ Duty Belt

Introducing the American Warrior nylon product line by Stallion Leather. We have successfully combined 3/16″ ballistic nylon, heavy duty rivets and our unique corner stitch design to offer you a product that is streamlined, light weight, durable, and an incredible value. In addition, the American Warrior duty nylon blends seamlessly with most other manufactures products.

Please allow at least 14 days for delivery as all of Stallion Leather products are made to order. This translates to lower costs for our customers with no need to pay for inventory overhead and storage and also allows for more options available as each item is somewhat customizable.

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Weight2.2046 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 in


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