Acme Whistles

Always original. From the first two products, both world firsts, that were so popular they became the generic name for a whole genre they spawned. Nobody bought a whistle; they bought a Metropolitan and a Thunderer.

These were pioneers that launched an enterprise that would create an innovative` first ‘in each of its 15 decades. Five generations have been at the helm; not one has let anything be lost. The social strands of the business, obvious from the beginning, building a working men’s club supporting an orphanage are still there in the work on regeneration and with local schools. The sense of place, Hockley, Birmingham the City of 1001 trades. The determination to play a part in the lives of those who work here and the wider people. Acme whistles stand second to none in the industry. We carry the full product line from Acme Whistles.